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Kick your web designs up a few notches—back them up with a full featured, easy to use CMS.

Satisfied Clients & Satisfying Profits

Create fully customized business solutions for your clients. Empower your clients like never before with an easy-to-use CMS.

Completely Rebrandable

Our partners can rebrand the system and all of the system notifications. Keeping your company name and your brand front and center.

Full Creative Control

Bring your creative vision to life. With complete control over HTML and CSS, you can customize the look and feel of almost anything in a BC site. It's all ready to be customized.

Dreamweaver Integration

Using a free Dreamweaver plug-in called Triangle, you are free to modify and update BC sites in a familiar and comfortable development environment. Download Triangle

What You Get as a Partner

  • Your own hosted Online Business – FREE
  • Recurring revenue on your client’s monthlies
  • Partner Portal – build & manage client sites
  • Billing options – we can bill you or your client
  • Loads of Partner training & resource materials

Why You’ll Love This Platform

  • Integrate XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and more
  • Full certification through Partner Training
  • CMS, CRM, Blog, Store & Marketing all-in-one
  • Create designs using web standards
  • Receive updates and new features automatically
  • Free access to unbranded marketing material

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